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Meet Dr. Mel

Becoming a doctor of physical therapy kinda happened by accident. After working in marketing for 7 years, I realized it wasn't for me. My conscience was too strong for pushing products that I didn't believe in. The lack of face-to-face human interaction drained my energy. At the time, I was also working part-time as a personal trainer, which I loved. When talking with my aunt about my career woes, she suggested I consider a career change and check out physical therapy. 

"WTF is that?" I remember thinking. However, I was so desperate for a better life and a more fulfilling career that I decided to check it out. And I fell in love.

Fast forward 7 years later. I loved being a PT, but I was frustrated with the healthcare model. My clients were not getting the care they needed. They were spending most of their time with an unskilled technician and not me, a licensed professional. There weren't any options for pelvic floor health. I demanded better while working for someone else, only to get the run around.

So I decided to work for myself.

New Quest Physical Therapy was born in September 2019 with YOU in mind. YOUR goals, not those of an insurance company or a big corporate physical therapy mill. YOUR right to quality results in a shorter period of time. And most importantly, giving you the tools YOU need to ensure a happy, fulfilled, and fearless life.

Let's start this new quest for health, together.




Fit Women

Jessica L.

So I have been in and out of physical therapy for over 10 YEARS due to back and knee issues.. have had surgery on my knee and had it recommended for my back. I have seen ~15 different physical therapists over the years.. Dr. Mel is the ONLY ONE that has even come CLOSE to tackling all of my issues and treating my body as a whole.

Women Holding Hands

Allie B.

Melissa made me feel very comfortable during our sessions. She is very easy to talk to, and is very patient with explaining exercises. She is very thorough in her follow up emails ...She even made me voice recordings with instructions, making it much easier to perform the exercises correctly on my own. She responded to all my questions in a timely manner, which made my experience


Best Friends

Joanne P.

Together we determined goals to resolve my neck issues and worked toward them making steady progress. I always felt considerably better after each visit. I highly recommend New Quest PT and the convenience of your therapist coming to you is an added bonus. I have had physical therapy with other therapists in the past and my experience with Melissa was far and away superior.

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