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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need physical therapy?

If something is physically holding you back from doing anything you love, whether that be running, hiking, or just holding your child without pain, you may benefit from physical therapy services.

Even if you're not in pain or having difficulty doing the things you love, physical therapy could also be used as a preventative tool in staving off future ailments.

My doctor gave me a list of places to go and New Quest isn't on there.

You can see any physical therapist you'd like, regardless of to whom you're referred. MDs usually give recommendations in where to go (if they are with a group, they will most likely refer within their group), but this is simply a recommendation and not a rule.

Do I need a script from my MD?

NY, CT, and ME (the states in which I'm licensed) have what's called direct access: you can see me for a certain period of time without an MD script under the following parameters:

  • New York: 10 visits or 30 days, whichever comes first

  • Connecticut: 6 visits or 30 days, whichever comes first

  • Maine: no notable improvement within 30 days or continuation of treatment beyond 120 days

Do you take my insurance?

Short answer: I am not contracted with any insurance networks.

Long answer: I don't want an insurance company dictating your treatment. If you need 60 minutes of my time, how an entity that is NOT a medical provider can tell me I am only to spend 30 minutes with you is maddening. Also, if I see something contributing to your issue outside of the "problem area", I want to be able to incorporate that into your session. Our bodies do not work in segments with moving parts separate from each other; why insurance companies still believe this to be the case is negligent at best and dangerous at worst. Having worked in corporate healthcare for 4 years and watching people receive subpar, bullshit care and slipping through the cracks is just NOT my vision for you or your health.

As I reiterate numerous times, I want there to be total transparency in your billing. When I worked in corporate in-network clinics, I saw the horror stories of clients believing their insurance covered 100% of the session, only to be billed 3 months down the line for thousands of dollars because insurance didn't cover a certain treatment (fun fact: physical therapy is not billed as "physical therapy;" there are numerous treatment methods that could be used within one session, depending upon what you need. Although insurance tells you "PT is covered," it may deny certain treatment codes, even if you need those interventions). New Quest's pricing is up front, with ZERO surprises. You have the right to receive a good faith estimate of expected charges.

How does payment work?

If you have out of network benefits, I will give you what's called a Super Bill for each of your sessions that you can submit to your insurance provider and see if they reimburse part of your treatments.

I also accept HSA and FSA cards (gotta use those funds sometime, right??), as well as major credit cards, check, and cash.

How much does it cost?

I honesty hate giving this answer because it is so diplomatic, but, it honestly depends! I will never rope you into buying into a service which I feel will not serve you, nor will I act like a hardcore used car salesman and bully you into choosing an option that isn't right for you.

Service Pricing Structure Is As Follows:

  • 1:1 In Person Session (for those within an hour driving distance from Beacon, NY): $227 per session

  • 1:1 Virtual Session: $167 per session


How many sessions will I need?

Again, it depends. I will say that I am unlike many other physical therapy clinics in that I see most of my clients once a week and graduate them to a bimonthly program if and when appropriate.

This is the deal: most people do not need 2-3 days a week for services. If you have your exercises down for the week, why I need to stand there and watch you 2 of those 3 days perform the same stuff is not conducive for either of us. My goal is to get you independent and living your life again so that you don't need me anymore. 

Again, everyone is different, so if you feel like once a week is not for you, we can definitely brainstorm together and set a plan. Of course, you are also a part of this journey, so if once a month works best for you at the start of your quest, that is absolutely something we can work with!

**You have the right to receive a good faith estimate of expected charges, aka full cost transparency and no surprise billing.**

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So how does this work?

I'm a mobile physical therapist which means I come to you, whether that be in person (in your home, your workplace, or even a place outside) or virtually. Again, I learned a lot from working in a corporate clinic and clients who couldn't get childcare, time off from work, or who just had a damn life to live would drop off the schedule because they couldn't get in to an office.

I bring everything to you, so you don't need to worry about having a table or equipment readily available. We will review what you may have at home that we can incorporate into your program to make this as seamless as possible (ie dumbbells, bands, etc).

What areas do you serve?

For one-on-one in-person services, I serve those anywhere within an hour or so of Beacon, NY. Virtual services can be done from anywhere, depending on your needs. Not sure if you would benefit from virtual sessions? Book a free discovery call and we can talk about it! Discovery calls are NOT glorified sales pitches and I will not pressure you into signing up for ANYTHING; like Billy Joel says, "that's not her style."

If I'm seeing you only once a week, how do I get in touch with you in case I have a question?

Another thing I learned from working in corporate healthcare: having a schedule with 20+ clients a day meant I could not communicate with them as often as they (or I) liked. Now, what I used to see in one day is how many clients I have in one week. This allows clients to be able to have access to me via text, phone, email, or virtual calls to ensure they have all of their questions answered between sessions.

Would virtual sessions work for me?

Again, it depends. If you feel like you may be interested in virtual services, we will have a discovery session at no cost to you to speak more about what's going on and what you'd like to achieve. If I determine you do not necessarily need hands-on treatment, we can move forward with the virtual physical therapy sessions. If at any time I feel like manual treatment would benefit you, we will discuss it together and formulate a plan, whether that be sessions with me or another provider. Again, I am not gonna swindle you into working with me; I want to ensure you are getting the best out of your treatment.

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