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Virtual Fitness Programs

With everyone having different schedules and VERY different lives, I know we also all learn differently: which is why I wanted to offer some virtual programs if you're more of a DIY-er who loves to do things on their own schedule (like me!) and 1:1 sessions are just not in the cards for you right now.

With a mix of everything from basic workshops to more intricate fitness programming, this is a great place to start your core and pelvic floor journey! These classes are for everyone who has a vagina, regardless of whether you've given birth or have no plans in doing so, ever. We don't wait to tear our glute muscles before we start exercising our butts: the same should go for your pelvic floor!


Check back periodically to see when new events and programs are added and grab your spot!

DIY Mini Courses

  • The Finally Floored Foundations: Beyond Kegels workshop has been revamped and turned into a mini course! I've taken my live event and converted it into a DIY virtual course that you'll be able to do on YOUR time, whenever YOU'RE ready. Inside, you will learn the very basics of your pelvic floor: what it is, what it does, and how to begin working it in ways that go way beyond kegels!

Fitness Programs

Fitness doesn't have to be a balls-to-the wall torture session; in fact, this rhetoric that's been pounded into our brains by Fitspos and wellness "gurus" has conditioned us to think we need to despise working out, otherwise it isn't working for us.

That's not how it works.

In fact, if your sole goal is to just make it through a workout by going through the motions instead of paying attention to what is happening inside YOUR body, this is where a lot of compensations can occur, leading to things like pelvic floor weakness/compromise and injury.

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself. The key is finding a program that fits YOUR goals, YOUR schedule, and YOUR needs. One of the major reasons why you're likely to quit a workout program is because none of those things are ever catered to YOU.

Enter Floored Forces: digital fitness membership that doesn't focus on external results, but rather, starts with the literal basics of strengthening your core and pelvic floor and builds outward to culminate in a total body workout program unlike anything you've ever done before! Learn more about the program and grab you spot here!

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