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Upcoming Events


2020 has been a whirl wind of a year; after surviving one of the most stressful and isolated periods of our lives, a lot of us are yearning for some genuine interaction and giving our bodies and minds the self-love that they so deserve.


Availability of in-person events will be severely dependent on exposure rates in certain areas and whether such events can be held safely outside.

If in-person isn't your jam yet (or ever, lol), no worries: there will be plenty of virtual events as well! 


Check back periodically to see when new events and programs are added and grab your spot!

Event List

  • The next Finally Floored Foundations: Beyond Kegels workshop is gearing up to go! This workshop is completely virtual with replays sent to all who signup in case you can't make it live. Inside, you will learn the very basics of your pelvic floor: what it is, what it does, and how to begin working it in ways that go way beyond kegels!


Finally Floored is my 12-week total body conditioning program (and when I say total body, I literally mean your entire body!). We start with the core and pelvic floor and then build outward, incorporating your entire body to build strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility, and stability for literally every part that moves. This program is completely virtual, however you will have access to me throughout its duration for questions, form checks, and anything else you may need!

Doors are not currently open but you can sign up for the waitlist to get more info as we get closer to the Fall 2022 cohort by clicking here!

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