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Getting Your Sexy Back

Sexual Empowerment:

The Unspoken Unveiled

Thank you for watching our sexy segments (and if you missed it, you can catch them here!). 


Dr Mel and Medicine Woman Vasiliki are passionate about empowering women and feel blessed to offer you this opportunity to join them for wisdom, sharing and caring!  


We have been left in the dark for way too long about our bodies and the inner power we carry. 


So much shame has been created around our bodies,  that many live in silent pain. From the foods we eat to genetics, from our bladder to our orgasms, we have been programmed to keep it in the dark if it doesn't work. 


We are here to shed the light on what is causing your discomfort and how you can feel sexy, vibrant and in control of your body.  


We will talk about all the things you thought, but would never dare say. 

You will learn exercises to connect with your pelvic floor.

What foods may be hindering you from having orgasms.

What belief systems are holding you hostage.

Who is embedded in your womb, how it is affecting how you feel about yourself, and how to clear them out!


We are defining sexy and getting your intimate passion back!


You may age but you don't have to get old. Don't settle for old beliefs around the female body.

Vasiliki, Medicine Woman

Here is what we will be covering inside Getting Your Sexy Back:


Womb Healing 

  • Journey into the  womb - who is there ? Clear them out 

  • Pulling the emotions from your womb

  • Rebirthing

Youth and Mindset

  • Exploring and Ridding Ourselves of Old Beliefs Centering Around Ideas Like:  

    • Everyone has a weak bladder after child birth

    • You have to go more frequent because of age

    • Orgasms are for the young

    • You have to suffer with dry vagina during menopause 


Exercise That Works! 

  • Keeping your organs strong, fascia fluid and body supple and young. 


What You're Putting in Your Body and Its Effect on Your Sexy

  • How food affects your sex life 

  • How medicine affects your sex life 

Reconnect With Your Intimate Passion 

  • Dance as sacral work 

  • Trust your body - be in your body 

  • Defining sexy 

Dr. Melissa Cioffi, PT

Program Itinerary:

Three action packed classes ready to change your perspective on sexy forever.  

Class One: Saturday June 5th at 10 am EST 

The power of connecting with yourself!


  • How to connect with the power of your vagina 

  • Learning what the pelvic floor is, how it works, why it's important for support, how to connect with your pelvic floor and why kegels are an insult to all women.  

  • Your Sacral chakra encompasses your womb, and is the home of your power. It's where you create from and where you carry your confidence. Learn how to keep it strong and how to create a protective shield from it. Journey into the womb and see who and what is stealing your power, then clear it out!



Class Two: Saturday June 19th at 10 am EST

Trust your body again! 


  • Connecting your Vagina Power with the rest of your body

  • Learn how shame has disconnected us from our strongest asset and protector - the body. Release the chains that bind you


Class Three: Saturday June 26th at 10 am EST 

Get Your Sexy On!!! 


  • How to redesign your idea of sexy and discover YOUR sexy

  • How and which foods are affecting your sexy

  • Exercises to build your sexy, not just shrink your body

  • How sexy empowers you 

  • Qigong: Its all in the breath - The Dance of Intimacy 




Can't make a class? No worries!

All classes will be recorded for your convenience!

Ready to reclaim your sexy?

Grab your seat here for $297!


Venmo Vasiliki Lagoudis @Vasiliki-Lagoudis

Please add your email address to your Venmo payment to ensure you receive program materials!

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