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Gems And Goodies

Check out the various resources below to get you started (and supported) throughout your pelvic health and fitness journey!

Work With Me!

Beyond Kegels DIY
Mini Course

A digital mini course that explains exactly what your pelvic floor is, what it does, and teaches you 3 basic exercises to get started on your pelvic health conditioning journey!

Floored Forces

A digital fitness membership that starts with the basics of working your core and pelvic floor and builds outward to create a total body conditioning experience unlike anything you've ever done before!

Currently open to my mailing list and will open to the public mid-October 2023!

1:1 Private Coaching

Private coaching sessions are available for those who want more of a personalized touch. Virtual and in-person sessions* are available for your pelvic health, orthopedic, and general fitness needs!

*In person sessions are for those who live within 1 hr of Beacon, NY.

Free Ish!

Navigating pain, pelvic floor issues, pregnancy, postpartum life, and just health/wellness in general can be super confusing! If you're not sure whether you're ready to take the next step yet and want to collect more info, I totally get it.

Feel free to peruse this list and grab all the resources you need!

Free Guide to the Pelvic Floor

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